Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Seijent
Lambda, Cecil, Stout and Pergo

Acute is the name of a group that appears toward the middle of the first game. They serve to the plot as anti heroes and later as allies.


A revolutionary organization led by Lambda. Their objective is to put a end to the Summoner's tyranny by destroying them. This refers to nobles rather than any person capable to do summons (at this time and place, it was still normal that only nobles were able to be Summoners). They are prepared to use any means necessary to reach their goals, even if it means to hurt innocent people.


Acute get interrupted by the Flat Gang when attempting to murder the Maan brothers. This event made Lambda see Leid as an obstacle to their plans, therefore, he challenges Leid to a fight, one against one to the death. During the combat they get interrupted by a bloodthirsty Vanossa using the the Mima Jewel and have to join forces to defend themselves against the demons attacks. After the fight ends, Leid succeed to change Lambda opinion and the two groups becomes allies.