Air Colthearts (エア・コルトハーツ, Ea Korutohātsu), renamed Aera Colthearts in the Atlus localization, is the main female protagonist of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. She is an orphan as well as the current Edge Fencer.


Aera is a descendant of the Edge Fencers who guarded Goura's seal. Her mother died after giving birth to her, and her father, Graham Colthearts, also died when trying to stop the Resurrection of Goura while protecting Aera. Now she lives with a craftknight named Blaire, a friend of her father, as his apprentice. She tends to see the good sides of almost anyone, and places her friends above anything else. She is terrible with machines and tends to break mechanical objects whenever she handles them.


After losing a bet, Aera was forced to take her best friend Ryouga to Goura's Seal. However, Ryouga had tricked her in order to free Goura from his seal. Aera, being the last Edge Fencer, has the task of finding the legendary Daemon Edge in order to re-seal Goura, and stop it from bringing chaos to world.

If the player selects her male counterpart, Edgar, she will not appear at all.


  • "That was scary!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "A Craftknight's promise is stronger than the toughest steel!"

Fun Facts

  • Aera is one of the few people whose ages are known, other than Edgar, Rifmonica, Ritchburn, and several supporting characters.

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