Aldo is the male protagonist of Summon Night: Twin Age. He is one of the two playable characters in the game. He lives on an island with his summoner, Reiha. He is somewhat irresponsible.


Aldo was accidentally summoned by Reiha seven years before the events of Twin Age. He likes listening to the wind and curry. Due to the fact he is a summon beast, Aldo can feel spirits' emotions through out the storyline. When the spirits' pain becomes incredibly intense, Aldo goes berserk, causing much destruction.


Aldo is one of the two main playable characters in Summon Night: Twin Age. Due to the human abuse of summon creatures, the spirits that make up the world are being distorted, causing animals to go out of control and the land to drastically change. Aldo and Reiha travelled from their remote island to the land where humans live, in order to stop the threat that is causing these calamities.


Aldo is the melee-oriented playable character in Twin Age. He can use swords, axes, and spears to strike one enemy for lots of damage (sword skills) or attack many enemies at once (mostly with axe skills).

Fun facts

  • In the game, you can choose to like Reiha, Ticah, and Lila as a romantic partner.
  • According to fans, he's known to be about 4cm shorter than Millisar. He is also known to have a height argument with Millisar, who could be his possible new brother-in-law.
  • Like other male protagonists, he has a crush on or has an older woman/women have a crush on them.


  • "that was easy!"
  • "leave it to me!"

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