Giant Sacred Tree

Giant Sacred Tree

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Purifies Evil energy
Saint Kingdom

Almines Tree(アルミネスの大樹, aruminesu no taijyu) is a is a element in the second game in the series.


This tree was initially simply called "The Giant Sacred Tree"(聖なる大樹, Sei Naru Dai Ki), but its name was changed much later, during the Astreiz Era to Almines Tree (in homage to the Archangel Almine). It was created with the sole purpose of purifying the world of all demons influences by spreading a shining snow through all Lyndbaum.

In the Game

This tree was created by the sacrifice of one of the main character’s friends (depending on the relashionship status, It could be Nesty or Amer). She rapidly grow and started to purify Melgitos Black Root of Sin. Two years later, the protagonist friend is brought back and reappears next to the tree.


  • The shining snow that comes from the tree is very similar to the one in the “True Ending” of the first game and in the event against the Mana Dryer virus in the fourth game.
  • It doesn’t make much sense when Nesty is the one sacrificing. Amer has that kind of power, but he can’t do purifying magic. Maybe he did something similar to the Root of Sin and turned his body into nanomachines.
  • This tree is one of the craziest thing in the series! It could be considered a special technique, a location and a magical artifact. All at the same time!
  • This tree is never mentioned again in the series, so it’s unknown if it still exist even after fulfilling its purpose and losing it’s “seed”.
  • 20-Judgement
    In the Summon Night tarot collection, The Giant Sacred Tree represents the “Judgement” card.