Arno's official artwork from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

Arno (アーノ, Āno) is a character from the game Summon Night: Swordcraft story 2. Androgynous in appearance, a running joke in the game revolves around what Arno's gender is, although in the North American release by ATLUS, Arno was given an apparently male voice, taking away from the ambiguity presented in the characters' conversations.


Originally from Maetropa, the world of Beast summons, Arno was summoned prior to the story and his/her previous master passed away, leaving Arno a Stray Summon until meeting with the main character, Aera or Edgar. Arno's abilities are mainly wind-based, going along with his/her green clothing, and supposed ability to hear what the wind is saying.

Arno is shown to be very caring for others, but is also very shy, and quite against fighting (mostly visible during certain attacks he/she will close his/her eyes and look the other way from the attack), though will do so if it will help in keeping people safe.


Serves the main character as a Summon Creature, called into battles, following the character, offering advice, and crafting weapons.



(various characters): "Are you a boy, or a girl?"

Arno: "... I'm a child of the wind."


  • It is implied in the Japanese version of the game, that Arno is actually a girl.

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