Heritage from their parents
Notable Members
Kanon, fourth game heroes, Souken

Arozaids is the term used for half-breeds of both humans and Summoned Beasts descent. The concept is used since the first game, but it was only in the fourth installment that they became a major element in the series, only then receiving this specific name.


Even though they are half humans, Arozaids are treated like pests, their acceptance in society is even worse than summoned beasts. This is because the worlds' laws does not specify a way to deal with them. This means that it’s not legal to use them as slaves, however, they have a hard time finding a job.

It’s normal for an Arozaid to hide its heritage. At first, this does not seem to be so difficult, but when an Arozaid get very frustrated or anoyed, his powers starts to run amok, usually injuring everyone around him. As a result, it’s not normal for them to have friends.