Aviz - The Cursed Blade
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Blood Knowledge

Aviz is a special weapon from Summon Night 2 that is acquirable only when Bulrell is the beast partner.


This is a curse blade forged by Melgitos for weakened demons that can’t use blood knowledge, such as Bulrell. Its special effect can only be used by demons and it works by given the attacker all knowledge and magic power possessed by the one stabbed by its cursed blade.

In The Game

Aviz was a weapon forged by Melgitos specially to be offered to Bulrell as a symbol of respect and as a tool necessary for them to for an alliance. He was to betray the main character by using it to stab the protagonist and steal her/his knowledge and powers needed to break the contract between them. A very demon-like behavior. Bulrell accepted the offer and jumped to attack the main character, however, he turned in the last second and stabbed the demon messenger instead, not only betraying Melgitos but taking the chance to declare war against him as well. A very demon-like behavior indeed.