Blue Faction

Blue Faction

mostly humans
Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Saint Kingdom
Notable Members
Gibson, Mimoza, Second game heroes

An academic organization made by summoners. They are in a philosophic quest for the truth. They try to be a “standalone” type of group, avoiding any alliances or political involvement as much as possible.

They are always encouraging new talents into the summon arts. Because of their different ideals, their relationship with the Yellow Faction is usually at ends.

The Faction’s headquarters are located in the Saint Kingdom’s capital, Zeram. It is said that the Saint Kingdom was built, thanks to many contributions from the Blue Faction. In actuality, they were not directly involved, but they still helped a lot behind the scenes.

The Headmaster is called Exu Plymouth Draunie, who is a very friendly man that wishes to have good relations with other groups of summoners. Sadly, there are many in his own faction who don’t share the same ideal that he has, causing many conflicts, especially towards the Yellow faction.

The head families that control this faction are the Draunie clan, the Bask family and the House of Loranju.