Bonding Rites

Bonding Rites

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In the main series of Summon Night, the Bonding Rites, also called Ritual of Covenant (誓約の正式) is a skill which consists in using the character's summoning ability along with an equipped accessory, special weapons or armor and a certain summonite gem to summon beasts from one of the 4 worlds surrounding Lyndbaum, which are Loreilal, Silturn, Sapureth and Maetropa. Aside from the main protagonist, only a few characters can use this skill.

Using the Bonding Rites normally results in the acquisition of a specific Summon Beast's Summonite Gem, which can later be equipped by party members in order to summon said beast without repeatedly using this skill. However, not all accessories are compatible with with all summonite gems and sometimes may cause random objects to drop on top of the character, causing damage or minor healing, or even making treasure chests appear.

Most objects from the Gallery and some special weapons can only be obtained from treasure chests that appear after using the Bonding Rites.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

Bonding Rites are instead used as a means of the village recognising an already present abandoned Stray Summon as the Guardian Beast of the main character. The Guardian Beast, instead of being summoned like most Summon Creatures, instead follows its master and helps with any needed task.

Aside from the 4 selectable Summon Creatures at the beginning of the game, other characters also have regular Summon Creatures that require a Summonite Stone.