Byakuya (白夜)


Members Race
Angels, Humans, Mechanical Soldiers, Phantom Beasts and more
Place of Origin
Boundary World
Notable Members
Yuzuki, RE‑Xe‑LD, Yuzuki, Piar, Worel

Byakuya (白夜, Midnight Sun) is a group from Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa.


Byakuya is a group formed by Xana, a Guide that got desperate to help the population to become wanderers as fast as possible. They are normally seem as a group of soldiers fighting for justice, but their main objective is to just help people become aware of the world’s disturbances. Many people also seem them as a group that does volunteer works since they do practically anything to make people get aware of their condition. Their headquarter is located in the Alespa City and is the biggest and most beautiful place in the city, it is also the biggest place in the Boundary of Worlds to be inhabited by normal people.

Even after the incident with Exena, the remaining members still keeping their work, probably for eternity.


  • Byakuya is also the name of the Opening theme for Summon Night Ex-These.