Cross (クロス)


Place of Origin
Other worlds
Notable members
Pariet, Spinel, Kagerou, Dyth

Cross (クロス/響友, kurosu/kyoyu) is a important concept used in the Resonance Era of Summon Night 5.


Those bound by a contract of resonance between each other’s souls. This is a new method to form a pact with a creature that is still shrouded in mystery. Those that share this pact call each other “Cross”. Terms like “Summon”, “Summon Beast” or “Summon Creature” brings forth bad memories and feelings of the time when people from other worlds were enslaved and forced to fight, as such, those words are now hated and people try to not use them anymore. Those that can use the power of this pact can create powerful magic attack and magic weapons using a special tool to catalyze the power, this tool is called Cluster Stone.