Cliff Castle City
Old Kingdom
Humans (originally), Demons (during the Melgitos incident)
Main Powers
Council of Elders

Degrea is the name of a city from the second game in the Summon Night series.


Degrea is a metropolis located in the Old Kingdom. It’s the headquarters for the main villains in the Summon Night 2 plot. It not exactly the capital of the Old Kingdom but is probably their most important city, since the council of elders that practically rule the Kingdom lives there. Degrea, like any other city in the Old Kingdom, has very strict rules and their citizens are always rebelling against the council or running away to other nations. Until one day where every sign of dissatisfaction suddenly disappeared. ,


Like any other city in the Kingdom, Degrea wants to rule over the other Kingdoms in Lyndbaum. To fulfill this objective, they send an elite group of soldiers known as “Black Knights” to capture a girl with the powers to dissolve the barrier protecting a monstrous weapon which they pretended to use against the other Nations in a war. However, they were being fooled by a group of demons leaded by the High demon Melgitos. Little by little, the population was been affected by corrupted energy of an Oni, turning into furious monsters without reason. Others were killed and had their corpses possessed by demons that manipulated the few that stayed alive. Close to the end of the game, the city was entirely taken over by demons, without any survivors.

After the battle with Melgitos was over. Exu – the head of the Blue Faction, offered to help in the reconstruction of the city (seeing that the Blue Faction don’t actually work for the Saint Kingdom, and is neutral in the conflicts between nations). He appointed Luvaid to be the one in charge, but he refused since he had other plans. It’s still unknown if the city is still part of the Old Kingdom territory or any other detail.