Blood Knowledge, Possession, Many types of Magical Attacks
Notable Members
Demon Lord, Melgitos, Luchell,

Demons are one of the races from Sapureth. They are constantly used in the series as villains.


There are two main races in Sapureth, demons are one of them. They are constantly fighting with the Angels race, but since demons are extremely violent and mischievous, they also fight a lot with their own kind. For this reason, they are divided in many groups, each one with their own leader and beliefs.

Characteristics, Traits and Abilities

Since Sapureth is a world of spirits, there are no physical appearances. The only thing that can separate demons from angels are the emotions, being demons the ones that love negatives things. They usually have chaotic behaviors and love fighting. Just like Angels, they feed from emotions around them and usually enjoy “eating” anger, fear, envy and others negative feelings. However, just because they are demons it doesn’t mean they can’t eat positive emotions, it so happens that their favorite meal are negative emotions.

Demons can also bring benefits too, by eating negative emotions, they can purefy someone's mind and soul (As seem on the Karma ending in the first game, where Vanossa survives and lose his all grudge and anger).

When summoned, the ritual creates a material body for them. This body form differs a lot depending of the Summoner’s potential or the demon’s personality. Some of the most common traits in the bodies are bat wings, horns, and symbols. When a demon takes a human form, their skin color is usually blue (being a stolen body or their own).

Since they are originally spiritual beings, they can easily possess other things like trees, rocks, animal, corpses and even human bodies. seeing that demons just love to hurt and deceive others, it’s more convenient for them to hid their demonic nature. For this reason, most of them steal human bodies. Of their main traits are their ability to consume knowledge and Mana through the blood of their victims, they call this “Blood Knowledge” and is a important ability for them to trick humans more easily.