Nameless world

In the Summon Night series, Earth does exist and is used in every game. In the first title. It is specially important as it is the protagonists home land. However, in the sequels, Earth is discreetly used, with just a few references in each game.


A very mysterious place. Home of some weird technology and culture, with a human-like creatures as it’s main specie. Many researches about this world are being made, but with almost no result. Unlike the other worlds in the series, Earth is not directly linked with Lyndbaum. Nobody knows how it's even possible for Earth to have any contact with Lyndbaum. Therefore, contact with this world and it's habitants always happens by accident, this is why something like a miracle is needed to summon anything from Earth.


Until now, only humans have being summoned from Earth, those humans could look like any ordinary human from Lyndbaum. There are even cases of earthlings being mistaken with Silturn’s humans. Strangely enough, something happens to the earthlings during the summoning and they become extremely talented Summoners.

Culture and Technology

Judging by the first game’s prologue, Earth is at the contemporary period, probably at the 90’s. Lyndbaum people get very confused because of the many differences between all cultures around the world. From their point of view, a Japanese and an American don’t seem to be from the same world.