Edge Colthearts (エッジ・コルトハーツ, Ejji Korutohātsu), renamed Edgar Colthearts in the Atlus localization, is the male main character from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. He is the last Edge Fencer and is also a Craftknight. He is a kind person who always tries to be helpful to others. He is a bit reckless, sometimes risking his life without thinking, usually when his friends lives are in danger.


Edgar's mother died when he was born and his father, Graham Colthearts, died when he saved him from death during Guren's, rampage in cliff village, leaving Edgar in the care of his father's close friend, Blaire. Unbeknownst to him, he is part of a family that for generations after generations has protected the seal of Goura with the Daemon Edge. Edgar is very thoughtful of others and tries his best to be useful. For some reason, he has a problem with machines, and is infamous among his friends for breaking mechanical objects upon handling.


At the start of the game, Edgar, having lost a bet, brings his friend Ryouga to see the place where the evil summon creature Goura is sealed. However, a corrupted summoner named Gedharm forces Edgar to bring him along as well. Gedharm tries unsuccessfully to remove the seal on Goura and Ryouga then reveals himself to be a summon creature and removes the seal himeself. It is now up to Edgar to find the Daemon Edge and reseal Goura forever. Edgar will be controlled by the player for the entire game. Alternately, if the player chooses to play as Aera, Edgar will not appear at all.


  • "I did it!"
  • "I can't afford to lose!"
  • "A Craftknight's promise is stronger than the toughest steel!"


Edgar's eyes in his concept are are blue but in his battle sprite his eyes seem to be red.

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