Edward Fortner is NOT a character from Summon Night. Like other fan-based OCs. He is a character who was based off to help the original SN characters. Please do not think he is a real character.



Likes:Protecting the innocent,Saving the weak,Aera

Dislikes:Seeing other people in despair,Crying girls,Kiunluns

Born with the work of the gods,he use the knowlegde of magic and swordskill to defeat his opponent before making its move after knowing his true identity he dedicate himself to save Lyndbaum from the tides of the dark army




Normal 5 hit combo

Approach Attack:

Tempest Stinger

'Lvl1:'Blade Dance:Strike on the enemy unleashing 5 lightspeed sword attack

Lvl2::Cross Strike:Slash the enemy silently crossing 2 blades

'Lvl3:'Trinity Slash:Unleashing 3 strike of Holiness

'Lvl4:'Soul Blade:An unavoidable,powerful attack-the damage depends on the users HP

Lvl5:Boundless Swords:Striking the enemy with a force of lightswords