Elgo Gardians
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Kaina, Elzine, Es-Ga-d

A class of characters in the Summon Night universe. They have a big role in the first game, they also make a appearance in the second and – while not as much as in the first title, also have importance to the plot.


The ones chosen by Elgo – the collective conscious of all worlds. Thanks to the Elgo’s blessings, they have extraordinary abilities. Each world has one or two of them. Their mission is to maintain the balance of powers between worlds, making sure that the power of Summon Technique don’t cause anymore wars. They are also responsible to avert any attempt of invasions from other worlds. They don’t necessarily stay in the world they represent. For example, the guardians from the Yokai world and the Machine world, during the events of the 3 first games, those two are living in Lyndbaum. It’s not necessary that one is born in a specific world to be chosen as it’s guardian, Like one of the Loreilal guardians that is originally from Lyndbaum.


The Beast world protector was a wild Dragon that killed countless people, until it was killed by the heroes of the first game with the help of a wanderer swordsman called Kazamine. There is no successor for it’s title since then. The guardian of Sapureth is missing since the Colorless Faction incident. The other known guardians are currently living on Lyndbaum.