Eyes of Knowledge

Eyes of Knowledge

Exclusive Magic(only for those in the tribe)
Created by
Metral Tribe
Notable users

Eyes of Knowledge(伝説の神眼) is an ability used only by Resi from Summon Night 2.


This is an extremely powerful ability in the Metral tribe. It has been so many centuries since the last time it was seem that almost everyone begin to doubt its existence. Thus, becoming a legend. The secret behind it is that only those who obtain true courage through conquering their biggest fear are able to use it. Since those from this tribe are normally very strong, they are unable to feel the real fear of been totally powerless. Likewise, of all people, Resi - that was considered a totally fail because of his damaged horns – was the first one in centuries to be able to use it.


Despite its name, this is not a power related to the eyes. The reason behind this name lies in the brightness coming from the horns that are so strong that look like a pair of angry eyes. This light is pure Mana and has the ability to bane evil forces or even able to easily kill weak demons.

In Game

This ability is obtained during the extra scenery against Binna “The Whereabouts of courage~Brave Heart~(勇気のありか), only available when choosing Resi as Beast partner. He awake this power when he conquer his fears and comes back to protect his master during a life-threat situation. After this, he enables the ability “Olifant of Fury”(猛き角笛, Tekeki Tsunobue) to be used during combat.