Fallen Dragon (堕竜, daryu)

SN4-Fallen Dragon01

Notable Members

Fallen Dragon (堕竜, daryu) is a type of monster in the summon night series.


When one come close to become a Solstice Dragon, but fails in the end, there is a high possibility that the result will be a Fallen Dragon. How the name suggests, a fallen dragon was to be a Solstice dragon that have fallen from its path. This generally happens when the subject goes crazy, throwing its mind into chaos. The conditions to transform into a Solstice Dragon are generally cleared by those that have reached the next stage in mind and body. To break apart someone at this level would need something really special.

In The Game

Gian is almost succeeding in the ritual to become a Solstice dragon when a revelation about his past break his resolve and make him have a mind breakdown. For this reason, the ritual fails and he becomes a Fallen Dragon.