Flat Gang

Flat Gang

Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Seijent
Humans (some summoned beasts later)
Notable Members
Gazel, Edos, Leid, Lipre

The Flat Gang, or Flat for short is a group consisting mainly of orphans from the south slums in Seijent. It's named after Gazel, who was known as "Flat".

The main protagonist from the first Summon Night finds himself/herself staying with them after arriving in Lyndbaum and quickly becomes a regular member after gaining their trust and friendship. As the game progresses, more people begin staying at their hideout. They don't get along with the Optius Gang, and have a special dislike for their leader, Vanossa.



  • In Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, the Flat is mentioned by Ordreik's follower in Kagro Volcano, stating he will destroy it once and for all by summoning Kirin.
  • "Flat" is a failed translation to touzoku (盗賊), the correct translation would be "bandit" or "thief".