Super Strength, Super Reflexes
Notable Members
Kunon, Linear, Radylia

A Frarzen is a type of robot created in Loreilal. They are first introduced in the third game.


Also known as "Mechanical Dolls", they are a special type of robots created to directly serve humans doing house chores or helping with physical labor. Since the number of humans in Loreilal is very scarce, they were also made to give Veigers more social interactions.

Characteristics, Traits and Abilities

They always have the apperance of a young female human. They are created in many different types, one for each purpose. The types that are confirmed to exist are the “Nurse Type”, the “Secretary Type” and the “Entertainment Type”. Their workplace is always very far from other type of robots, especially the mechanical soldiers. They usually work close to humans, using this opportunity to learn from observing those around them and creating a personality program. As a result, depending on the environment, they could have a complex personality, with very human-like expressions. For this reason, there is an absolute rule given to all Frarzens that says they should never be allowed to yearn for more than a master-servant relationship.

Since they are the robots in Loreilal with both appearance and personality closer to a normal human being, some believe they can easily attain a soul of their own. At least in theory.


  • They are commonly confused for Veigers, since both have human looks.
  • Linear's presence in the Boundary of Worlds confirms that Frarzens can indeed obtain a soul.