The Generator ~Sword of Light~
Used by
Luvaid, Le-O-Ld
Cuts through anything

Generator, A.K.A. sword of light, it’s a special weapon acquirable in Summon Night 2 during Le-O-Ld’s special chapter: "Zer-Fi-Ld’s Heritage”. It’s extremely powerful and one of the strongest weapons available in the normal events and battles (except for items collected in the Endless Hall).


This is a not exactly a magic item, it’s actually a kind of laser sword created with Loreilal's technology. Normally, it’s pretty useless since it has no blade, but it’s true form emerges when it uses a great amount of Mana as its source of power to create an energy blade that can cut through anything. The sword needs a special password to activate though.

In The Game

The player gets this sword after the battle against Qura at chapter 23. A event will show the heroes exploring the castle where the battle was fought until they find this weapon being protected by a demon that is easily defeated by Luvaid using the sword of light. After this, the player get to equip the sword freely.