Grieving Forest is a "Side-Quest" from Summon Night 1. It allows you to recruit Swan, the first bow user in the game.


After the main character wanders inside Garref's Forest, he/she meets a boy named Swan who warns them not to go any further, as the forest is full of monsters, and forces him/her to leave. Later in the game, after going in again and choosing the second choice ("I was worried about you"), he tells the main character about his past, and how he wants revenge on the Garrefs inside the forest for killng his father. After agreeing to help him, they go inside the forest to defeat the Garrefs.


After starting the quest, there will be two hard consecutive battles (Swan will be usable throughout the quest).

1st Battle:

1 Garref

4 Garref Underling

2nd Battle:

1 Toadstool

5 Small Toadstool


Rewards: Round Tail(丸い尻尾), Monkey's Tail(猿の尻尾)

After defeating the Toadstool, Swan will remain as an ally unit for the rest of the game.