Hayato Shindo


Student(Lv2) Wanderer(After Prologue) Seeker(Lv14) Linker(Lv26)
Flat Gang
Human World(Japan)
Sword(Vertical Slash), Light Armor
Summon Affinity
Voice Actor
Hiro Shimono(NDS special DVD) Toshiyuki Morikawa (SN 2)

Hayato is one of the main male protagonists from Summon Night, the other one being Touya.


Hayato is a normal high school student. While returning home from school, he hears a voice in his head that says: "Please save this world..." and is then summoned into Lyndbaum. He appears in a crater near Seijent, where a massacre had recently taken place. After entering Seijent, he wanders into the South Slums and fights with Gazel and Edos, who try to mug him. After the fight, he finds himself staying with them at the Flat Gang's hideout.

Personal Info

He is the captain of the basket club in high school. He is always positive and is the type that acts first and thinks later.


Hayato starts very confuse and insecure about his situation, but he gradually comes to comprehend and love Lyndbaum. He later discovers that he was summoned in a bizarre ritual to call the Demon Lord from Sapureth. The ritual ended incomplete, but he got half of the fiend’s power in his own body. Later in the game, he becomes the Linker (a.k.a. King of Elgo), and uses his new found powers to end all conflicts in Seijent.


  • If Hayato is the main character, Sol cannot be your partner.
  • Hayato can have a "love" ending if you choose to spend time with either Cassis or Claret in the roof scene.
  • Ironically, in the poll to decide the which ending would be animated in the special DVD with the Nintendo DS version, Kir was chosen as the partner for him in the “romantic” ending.
  • Hayato appears in Summon Night: Swordcraft Story as a side character.
  • Hayato's natural attribute growth make him into a excellent swordman type character. Nothing that can't be changed with the use of Bonus Points though.
  • In the Summon Night tarot collection, Hayato and the other protagonists represent "The Magician" card.


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