Karma is a feature in the Summon Night games. There are certain negative events, player actions or dialogue choices in the game that would increase the player's karma. Attaining too many karma may prevent players from seeing certain events and endings or even adding secret characters to their party roster. In some cases, karma points can even lead to a bad ending, which is referred to as the Karma Ending..

Karma points are given to the player for things that are generally related to negative actions, like getting your allies (Summoned monster included) killed during a battle (even Free Battles as well) or making bad or uncaring choices during an event. In Summon Night 3, beside the regular methods, the player get Karma points for every time the protagonist draws the Magical Sword or dies,thus activating the "Draw" abilitiy automatically (except during events where it activates for itself).

Usually, there is no way to lower your karma, except in special cases, like in Summon Night 3, where there is only one dialogue choice to lower it. It’s only possible to see how much you have in the fourth game and in the third’s remake, through Mei-Mei's shop.

What Karma affects

  1. Discovery of Truth event (SN3), the requirements is having less than 2 ally deaths by the end of Chapter 2.
  2. Recruiting Azlier and Galeor (SN3), one of the requirement for recruiting them is having a low karma.
  3. Recruiting Phlaiz (SN3), requires players to have a very low karma.