Linker (リンカー)


Place of Origin
Unknown(probably could be from any world)
Absurd level of Mana, Able to use Summons from any world.
Notable Members
The unknown Lyndbaum King from the past, Main characters from the first game

A Linker(リンカー, Rinkā), or Pledger (誓約者, seiyakushiya), is a special class or title that was first mentioned in the first game, but there are almost to no details about it.


Also known as the “Linker”. He is the chosen one, the messenger of Elgo’s will. The avatar of all the worlds and gods. The one that has the absolute knowledge about the worlds and its creatures, and has the power to control all of them. However, he chooses to not use the any restriction pact with the ones he summoned, there were a mutual understanding and trust between the creatures he called forth and himself. He is idolized as the “Ultimate Summoner”.


During the first game, the main character is chosen as the next Linker. He uses his new found power to change the entire world and save all his friends. Depending on the ending, the choices to the solution he chooses changes.