Loreilal (ロレイラル)


Robots and cyborgs
Machine World
Main powers

Loreilal is one of the 4 worlds that is linked with Lyndbaum.


A scientific world, full of machines of all kinds, everywhere. The ultra advanced technology is this world's most prized feature, however, due to a terrible conflict called the “Great Machine War”, many of the world’s resources were overspent, turning the planet inappropriate for organic beings to live. Compared to Lyndbaum and the other worlds, the level of Mana in Loreilal is extremely low. This is why they had attacked the other worlds in the past. Mana is scarce, but it’s unknown if they have or had magic techniques like the ones from other worlds. During the Summoning Wars, their main target was Lyndbaum and for that reason, their reputation is extremely bad.


There were humans in the past, but they almost got themselves extinct in the war. The mechanical weapons used by them started to rebuilt the world. Nowadays, the robots that reside there are those of the mechanical weapons' “descendents”. As the result of war, almost all the population became completely inorganic. With exception of the ones called "Veigers". They are artificial humans with bodies of flesh and machines fused at the molecular level. They created many types of robots to serve them, one of the most common, are the "Mechanical soldiers", which are made specifically for combat-purpose and usually don't show emotions. There are also many units designed for industrial work, and between them, there is also a special type of robots known as the Frarzen, also called as “mechanical dolls”, which have the appearance of normal humans. Some people from outside Loreilal believe that even machines from Loreilal can attain a soul. They normaly don't have one, but they possess such a complex artificial inteligence that they can reach a level where they develop a will and a personality of they own. It is said that any being with a ego must have a soul.

Culture and Technology

The mechanical engineering and computer science in this world are highly developed. It had came to a point in the world where the machines would build other machines. The Veigers are proficient in advanced calculations and complex machinery construction themselves, thus they are trusted to perform all the technical work, while the combat-oriented mechanical soldiers, together with mechanical dolls handle the physical labor.

For reasons unknown, the language that they speak is English. Therefore, every English word seen in the Summon Night games could have originated from Loreilal or (less likely) from the Nameless world.