Maetropa (メイトルパ)


Beasts, Magical Beasts, Half-beasts, Fairies
Beast World
Main Powers
Primitive, Red-Indian like

Maetropa is one of the 4 worlds that are linked to Lyndbaum.


A world where many magical beasts live. In the past, humans used to live in it as well, but they were made extinct by a illness called “Mana Dryer disease” (マナ枯らし), however their descendents, the beast-men, were not affected by it. Maetropa people are frequently summoned to do physical work, because of the harsh treatment they get, it’s common for them to escape from their Summoners, thus becoming Outcasts.


The beast-men are half-breeds born between the late human species of Maetropa and supernatural creatures. All of them share traits with their beasts parents and their forms differs with every tribe. There are many tribes like the Vaunaus and the Wolfurr, but there are many more that are still unknown to the people of Lyndbaum. During the Demon Invasion from Sapureth, something called the "demoniac corrosion" happened. As the result. Many tribes where annihilated, those who survived the phenomenon became the so-called Demonic Beasts. Nowadays, there are still descendents of those demon beasts that were summoned to Lyndbaum.

In Summon Night 4, it is said that their ruler is always a Dragon, since they the wisest and strongest of all beasts. However, who exactly is this ruler is still a mystery.

Culture and Technology

The beast-men are usually portrayed as prideful warriors. They tend to form different tribes and usually don’t interfere with one another. Living by their own laws and codes of honor. Their attire are very similar to North American Indians, as well as their weaponries. There are no machines and almost no tools, since the Maetropa people have strong bodies and prefer to do manual labor. They believe in Animism and one of their specialties are talismans or amulets.