Used by
Summoners and Summoned Creatures


One of Lyndbaum's special future is it’s great stock of Mana, a very precious type of energy, especially for those from other worlds. It's clean, has no volatility and is abundant. It certainly is a miraculous energy.


Mana can be found almost everywhere, as it flows trough every living being in the planet, but there are some specific places and elements that have greater amounts of this energy. The magma found underneath the earth's surface, where the Summonite Stones are born is an excellent place to find Mana. The Moon shine at night is also filled with Mana. For this reason, some summoned beasts that have strong Mana sensibility love to take Moon baths.


Mana can also be used in many others activities and techniques, like in blacksmithing weapons and other equipments. But this is no simple task as it needs a specific technique for every different work.