Mana Dryer

Mana Dryer

Also known as
soul fragmentation disease
First appearance
Summon Night 4

A terrible virus also known as "Soul Fragmentation Disease". It affected Maetropa’s humans and got them extinct. It’s symptom is to extract all Mana from one’s body until the death of the infected. Since this sickness feeds of the victim’s Mana, treatment that use Mana only helps the illness evolve faster. It seems that only humans were affected by this disease, probably because of their frail bodies or their low levels of Mana. Their decedents, the beast-men, still live as one of the planet’s main populations, and it’s not clear if the effects are so weak on them that they don’t even notice, or if they are not affected at all. It’s also unkown the illness origin, the way it is transmitted or if there is a cure.

In Game

During chapter 15 of the fourth installment. Gian uses an unknown Summon Technique to makes everyone in Traiul Town contract the illness by summoning a weird, snow-like, black substance from Maetropa. In exchange for the baby dragon, he promises to use Purge to Summon the virus back to the Beast World. The Protagonist, together with his/her mother, succeed in disperse the virus by creating a golden snow that forced Purge into the illness.


  • Even through Akane and Shingen are humans from Silturn, they were not affected by this virus, this could be because they are able to use mystical powers, this indicates they have more Mana than Lyndbaum and Maetropa humans, what could give them a better endurance against Mana related attacks.