Mechanical soldiers

Mechanical soldiers

lethal weapons mastery
Notable Members
Le-O-Ld, Zer-Fi-Ld, Es-G-Ld

Mechanical soldiers are the first to appear and most used race from Loreilal. They are very common in the Summon Night games, as allies or enemies.


They are a class of machine warrior made to fight in the wars, therefore, have next to nothing of a personality and almost no emotions. They have little need for freedon since it's serving someone where they find happiness.

Characteristics, Traits and Abilities

They are equipped with long-distance artillery weapons, heavy melee weapons and many other types of lethal weapons, they main neural system is equipped with a AI that has absolute loyalty to the recognized master. This AI is set to have systematic thoughts processing, but, thanks to bugs and other system malfunctions, they can end up with personalities and emotions. When this happens, it's possible for them to develop a soul of their own, even tough the odds of this happening are very low.


  • They usually have a robotic way of speaking. This is represented by changing the Hiraganas for Katakanas
  • They usualy have hyphens in their names.
  • RE‑Xe‑LD's presence in the Boundary of Worlds confirms that Mechanical Soldiers can indeed obtain a soul.