Meister (マイスター)


Members Race
Mostly humans
Place of Origin
Lyndbaum, Wystern
Notable Members
Wizell Caliburn, Torque, Swordcraft protagonists

Meister (マイスター) or Blacksmiths (鍛冶師) is a very important job in the Summon Night spin-offs: Swordcraft. They also make a few short appearances in the main series. However, in the new Summon Night 5, they finally will have an important role in the main series.


Swordcraft Story series

Meisters are a group of blacksmiths that live for their works. They don’t just work to forge weapons for others, they love their weapons so much, that they end up using it themselves, this is why some may call them “Craftknights”. Other meisters start to practice using their weapons, so that they can understand them better and improve their forging skills. Their abilities are so well-known, that they are recognized all over the world. The city where their distinct abilities were created is Wystern, a port town that is just perfect to sell or trade their creations. Incidents or attacks are rare around this city, as it is a sign that shows how everyone respects and fear them. They worship an entity called the Saint of Forge (鍛聖, tansei) and they are always dedicating their weapons and souls to him.

Summon Night 5

After a terrible war, their city is now gone. Even so, during the new Astreiz era, they still pass down their techniques to the next generation and those new Blacksmiths would receive, not only the skills, but also the “souls” of their masters, inheriting the same passion for weapons and forging.


By having a Summon Beast focus its powers onto the weapon during the forging process, they can carve words of vow (銘約) into the weapon. By chanting the words carved in the weapon, the user can use special abilities during battles.


  • Meisters are probably the only religious group in the entire Lyndbaum. Normally, people from other places are unable to even understand the definition of what a god is (for example, Summon Night 2 heroes get all confused when their Silturn friends are talking about their dragon and oni gods).