Outcast beasts


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first game protagonists

An Outcast Beast is the title given for beasts without masters. They are many and usually live in city slums.


If their Summoner dies or the Summonite stone used in the contract breaks while the creatures still in Lyndbaum, this beast can’t go back to its original world anymore. When this happens, the creature usually has no other place to go and end up becoming a outcast.


Outcasts have terrible reputation, the reason for this being the way one usually becomes a outcast, that is by killing its former master. Being former slaves, it’s very difficult for them to find a job. Therefore, they are generally treated like killers and vagabonds. However, there are many outcasts that didn’t killed anyone and even earned their money with legal jobs or with their own honest business. Still, they are all treated the same way.

New Contract

A Outcast can make a new contract with other summoner to share Mana and to be summoned anytime to where the Summoner is, but even with this new contract, they can’t send the beast back to their home world.