Party abilities are one of the unique aspects of the Summon Night Main Series. Party Abilities allow the player do a number of things, from obtaining more items at the end of battles to increasing the Max HP, MP and damage of allied units. In order to be used, a Party Ability must first be equipped either at the beginning of a battle or in the main character's room's menu.

These abilities are obtained after getting a certain amount of brave points or brave medals from Brave Battles.

Below is a list of obtainable Party Abilities for each game and the number of points needed to be obtained.

Summon Night (DS) Party Abilities

  • Summonite Search [5 pts]: Will add 2 to whatever type of Summonite you have the least of at the end of battle.
  • Strategy Meeting [60 pts]: Adds 10% to the critical percentage of all your units when performing physical attacks.
  • Savage Valour Warsong [60 pts]: Ups the damage of counter-attacks.
  • All-Purpose Bag [100 pts]: Allows you to use other summons and key items not on your person in battle.
  • Precaution Knowledge [125 pts]: Decreases damage taken from enemy counterattacks.
  • Right Person in the Right Place [150 pts]: MP consumption of special abilities -10%.
  • Warm-Up Exercises [230 pts]: Adds 10% to HP of all active units in battle.
  • A Moment's Meditation [250 pts]: Adds 10% to MP of all active units in battle.
  • Treasure Search [5 pts]: After a battle ends, it gives you a random item. (Only applicable with storyline battles)
  • Nameless Guardian [100 pts]: Reduces the damage units take from non-elemental magic.
  • First Aid [200 pts]: Restores all units' HP by 5 every turn.
  • Spirit Support [200 pts]: Restores all units' MP by 5 every turn.
  • EXP UP [Received upon clearing the game once]
  • BARM(Money) UP [Received upon clearing the game once]

Summon Night 2 (DS) Party Abilities

Summon Night 3 Party Abilities

  • Good Luck's Blessing [Clear 8 Brave Battles]

Summon Night 4 Party Abilities