Pratty is the female protagonist of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story. She is a young craftknight who wishes to become the Craftlord of Iron, like her late father, Shintetsu.


Pratty is the Daughter of the last Craftlord of Iron, Shintetsu, who gave his life to save Wystern three years before the events of the game. She is a Craftknight in training from the Silver Guild and has hopes of one day being her father's successor as the Craftlord of Iron. She seems to be self-conscious about her weight, often mistaking what others say as comments about her weight.



At the beginning of the game, Pratty enters a tournament for young craftknights that will decide who will become the next Craftlord of Iron. As Pratty wins her way up the ranks of this tournament, she becomes close friends with three of her fellow craftknights: Sanary, Varil, and Razzy. She learns the dreams that these people wish to make reality by becoming craftlords during the tournament as well. During the tournament, she discovers a plot made up by two of the craftlords, Lubert and Ureksa, to help an enemy nation, Deigleya, destroy Wystern to gain fame and fortune in the process. She also manages to rescue Tyram, a craftlord who had been kidnapped by them and after a number of battles, she manages to ruin their plot with the help of Varil and one of the craftlords, Sakuro. Back in the tournament, one of her friends, Sanary, makes a pact with an evil summon creature of fire named Parista. Once Pratty defeats Sanary in the tournament, Parista possesses Sanary and brings her deep into The Labyrinth, as Parista wants to kill Pratty to get revenge against Shintetsu. Pratty manages to defeat Parista with the help of a summon creature named Kuhyra, and saves Sanary. After this, Parista and Kuhyra return to their homeworld, Sapureth, and Pratty goes on to win the tournament, as well as the title of Craftlord of Iron. Once she becomes the Craftlord of Iron, she decides to make her friends' dreams come true as well as her own.

Alternately, if the player chooses to play as Cleru, Pratty will not appear at all.


Pratty is able to use all the different types of weapons in the game, and her stats can be customized, making Pratty's abilities and effective strategies vary depending on how the player chooses to customize her.



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