Purge Technique


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This is a special type of magic created to fight against invaders from other worlds. After the war ended, this technique was almost forgotten, while the reverse type of spell kept evolving to be used in daily life.

Original Use

During the period of the Summoning War, there was no boundary barrier. Therefore, every creature could create gates to travel to the central world. This resulted in a war against those who wanted to conquer the Mana filled lands of Lyndbaum. To put an end to this, a technique was created to send the invaders back and seal their passage. This was the purge technique.

Use in Present Days

When a contract is sealed, the summoned beast pledge to obey, while the Summoner offers the use of the Purge technique as part of the bargain. When the summoner is satisfied, He will use the technique to send the creature back home. The problem is that no one knows how long this takes. The Summoner could even keep the contract until the last second of his life. There is also the possibility that the summoner doesn’t even know how to use Purge, fooling the Summoned and never intending to send him back.