Reiha's father died 7 years before the game plot. However no info is known on her mother for odd reasons. She is the one who summoned Aldo, 7 years prior to the plot. She can cook, and do housework as well as do spirit magic and some summoning.



Fun Facts

  • Reiha is known to be around the age of 17 due to her personality and 'maturity'
  • Reiha is mature in more ways than one. For those a bit slower. She has are large cup-size.
  • She looks very much like a certain character from Nanoha Srikers
  • Reiha is known in some fanarts and fanfictions to be fought over by all her romantic interests in the game. Little is known, if she actually loves one.
  • Due to a certain little poll by mouth of fans. Reiha is the 3rd 'maturest'(if you still don't get that, check the second fact again) female protagonist in the whole series. After Aty and Aya Higuchi.
  • Reiha is one of the few characters who share a seiyuu/voice actor with another character. That character is Aera Colthearts.
  • Most protagonists do not exist in the same playthrough of the game as the counterpart. However, Aldo will still exist if the player chooses Reia, and vice versa.

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