Ryouga (リョウガ, Ryouga) is a character from the video game Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. He is the main character's best friend. Ryouga tries to prevent the main character from acheiving their goals, though it is revealed much later that he was doing this to protect the main character.


Ryouga is a summon creature who was summoned to Lydbaum under unknown conditions. He is a stray summon who was found injured by Lynn at some point before the two moved to Cliff village. Both Ryouga and Lynn disguised themselves as humans in order to be able to stay in cliff village.


At the start of the game, the player leads Ryouga to Goura's Gate. Once they arrive there, Ryouga Reveals that he is a summon creature and destroys the seal on Goura. For most of the game, Ryouga tries to prevent the player from gathering the Daemon Edges, teaming up with the Summoner Gedharm and many others in order to do so. However, the player still finds all four of the Daemon Edges, thinking they will help him/her seal Goura. However, once the player has done this, it is revealed that Lynn had been using the main character from the beginning to gather the Daemon Edges, and that Ryouga had been trying to protect the main character by preventing him/her from gathering the Daemon Edges, and was planning on being the sacrifice used to revive Goura instead of the player. He is then wounded by Lynn, and spends a short time bedridden and unconcious. Once the player defeats Lynn, Ryouga returns to help the player defeat Guren Goura. The two of them defeat Guren Goura and free Lynn from the bond that forced her to try to kill the player , and both Lynn and Ryouga leave the village due to the trouble they caused.


Ryouga uses a knuckle weapon,which allows him to attack quickly. However, it has short range, so positioning yourself correctly can allow you to attack him with a Sword, Spear, or Axe without him being close enough to attack you. When Ryouga's health is low, he will try to heal himself. If the player attacks him quickly enough when he tries this, he can be finished easily. Ryouga's weapon has fairly low DUR, so breaking his weapon is fairly easy, despite the fact that his weapon DUR regenarates slowly.



  • If the player sees the ending with Lynn, Ryouga and her can be seen after the end of the game at the oni hot springs and spoken to.
  • Ryouga has a sword in his concept art on the Summon Night website and in the instruction manual, but he uses a Knuckle type weapon in the game.

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