Sanary is a female Craftknight from Summon Night: Swordcraft Story and acts as one of the 3 main rivals along with Razzy and Varil.


Sanary is the younger sister of the Craftlord of Ruby, Kouren and an apprentice Craftknight of the Silver Guild under Master Bron. She wants to become a Craftlord to show the world that women are as strong or even better than men.



Sanary first appears as rather arrogant participant at the opening ceremony and later buys every iron ore the town store had, while taunting Cleru/Pratty for being too slow. Once in the Labyrinth, the Player will see her softer side, as she tells Cleru/Pratty about her dream and her sister, one of the Craftlords. Later in the game, she will make a pact with the evil Summon Beast of Fire Parista, who wants revenge at Shintetsu. As she loses to Cleru/Pratty, Parista will take over her mind and lure the protagonist into the depths of the labyrinth, where he tries to kill Cleru/Pratty but is finally defeated.


Most of the time, Sanary will start the battle with a Jump Slash. Either block or counter her attacks. Sometimes she will use Enchant Fire at her already burning Sword, which makes her already very high attack power even more dangerous. Her weapon has a rather low durability, so with an Axe or Drill, you should be able to break it.



  • Sanary is an extraordinarily bad cook. If you choose to rescue her in the Marine Dungeon, her failed cooking attempt leads to a boss battle against a Grudge Fish

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