Cotton mill city
Saint Kingdom
Mostly Humans, some summoned slaves and outcast beasts
Main Powers
Nobles, Yellow Faction

Seijent is the main stage for the first game in the Summon Night series. It’s the only city that the main character visits in this game, but its elements are explored to its fullest, and many different locations and people are used in the game.


A city that in the west of the Saint Kingdom’s territory. A very special insect called Kilka grows in this region and the clothing made from it strings are bought by nobles for a high price. It’s a High quality product that goes around all Kingdom. The city scale is small if compared with Zeram or Fanan, but the aforementioned cotton industry made from Kilka’s strings became a special product all over the Kingdom. Thanks to the Ark lake that flows close to the city, there are no problems with water supply. It’s a city with great life conditions. One of the Yellow Faction's bases is found in this city.

Main Powers

The ones responsible for the politics and security are the Royal army and the Mahn brothers from the Yellow Faction. There was a time period were it was a harsh place for common people to live, all thanks to the Mahn Brothers policy. There were many actions to change this situation made by a revolutionary organization called Acute.


This city was also the stage for the Colorless Faction’s plans. In this occasion, the city was temporally taken over by them. After this incident, many changes were made and now there is a citizenship system and it became easier to live freely and peacefully.