Silturn (シルターン)


Humans, Yokai
Yokai World
Main powers
Oni God, Dragon God
Feudal Japan

Silturn is one of the 4 worlds that is linked to Lyndbaum.


The home for many mystical creatures, most of those coming from the Japanese folklore and legends.


Yokai creatures like Dragons and Onis. Other than Lyndbaum and Earth, Silturn is one of the few places to still have human beings (does not include half-breeds like beastmen or Veigers). In addition to this, the other Silturn races have a very human-like appearances. For this reason, they are one of the most adaptable summon beasts (the others, being the beastmen from Maetropa). They are one of the most common types of summon to see around, as they easily get to established a living in Lyndbaum.

The “Yokai” is actually a very generalized term, since the word basically refers to “anyone that is not human”. It hardly could be called a “race”. Yokai are mystical beings that can be born from practically anything, therefore they have many different types. But, if it has to be explained, the Yokais can be divided into 3 hierarchies: The weaker ones are those born from objects, they have close to no intelligence and little magic powers; In the middle ranks, are those born from living beings, they have humanoid forms, with strong bodies and great magic power; Finally, the stronger ones are those born from the forces of the nature itself, like elements or weather, they usually take the form of Dragons or Onis, but can change to human form if they want to. Their strength and magic powers are completely off the scale, for this reason they are considered gods.

Culture and Technology

Silturn people follow Shinto beliefs. Likewise, there are many signs of the religion’s influence. There are gigantic shrines everywhere, many Torii gates, beautiful festivals and many other traditions and daily habits. Being based in the medieval Japanese culture, they have common Japanese things like soba noodles, sake, soy sauce, natto, kimono, tatami, and many more. There are also classes like Ninjas, Samurais and Mikos. “If men lives in the fields, Yokais shall live in the mountains”. With this agreement, there is almost no conflicts between the two kinds. If there is even a fight, a high priest or priestess (Miko) is called. This person is appointed by the Dragon God or the Oni God and has the title of “The One Who Knows the Way”. It’s his/her job to mediate between them.