Solstice Dragon (至竜, Shiryu)

SN4-Solstice Dragon

Many different worlds
Many, Miracles
Notable Members
Guardian Dragon

A Solstice Dragon (至竜, Shiryu) is one of the 3 kinds of dragons existing in the Summon Night universe


They are one of the most powerful creatures in the game’s universe, being treated like gods among mortals. They are the ultimate evolution for creatures of high Mana powers. So in theory, any kind of creature from any race can evolve to a solstice dragon, there are some conditions like hours of meditation and years of spiritual training to do before doing the transformation, but there exists a secret ritual that makes possible to skip those steps. The difficult part is to actually reach this level of power. This is certain not a easy task and it certainly requires a very special origin and many natural talents. Someone that already got all those traits is already pretty abnormal to begin with.


Thanks to its monstrous Mana powers, a Solstice Dragon is able to use skills considered impossible to even imagine, as a result, those feats are already seeing as miracles.

For example: The strongest summoner is able to open a portal to one creature at a time with much practice and with the right tools, but is incapable of using this same portal himself or to send someone else through it. However, a Solstice Dragon (or another being of equivalent power) may be capable of opening multiple portals and send anyone it wants without the need of any other tool. (This was the case with the god that sent Keina to Lyndbaum). Each dragon has its own especially and sometimes may need help to perform some techniques (Like the dragon in Lawsburg, for example).

In The Game

The Guardian Dragon in Summon Night 4 is a Solstice dragon, but since it is a recent reincarnation, its powers were incomplete. Even at full power it was not capable to transport Lawsburg through other worlds with the help of a High Fairy. Gian also tried to evolve to a solstice dragon but failed because of his mind breakdown and ended becoming a corrupted form of it: a Fallen Dragon.