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Summon Night 6: Lost Borders announced in Japan for PS Vita and PS4

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Complete Synopsis of the newest volume in the 3 parts series

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Summon Night is a Strategy RPG series with hundreds of different characters, epic battles, romantic scenes, and touching music. The series was developed by Flight Plan and published by Banpresto. Currently the series is being developed by FELISTELLA, though Media.Vision will be taking the lead development role for Summon Night 6. Atlus does all the localizations for the few games that actually make the trip to the States. Many fans have been able to write crossovers and stories about these, and add a few fun facts of their own about these characters and games. You are free to add more to this community as well.

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Games in the series by order of the Japanese release date:

Game Release Date

Summon Night

JP: January 6, 2000 (PS1)
JP: April 24, 2008 (DS Remake)

Summon Night 2

JP: August 2, 2001 (PS1)
JP: August 7, 2008 (DS Remake)

Summon Night Swordcraft Story.jpg
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

JP: April 25, 2003
NA: July 26, 2006

Summon Night 3 cover.jpg
Summon Night 3

JP: August 7, 2003 (PS2)
JP: October 4, 2012 (PSP Remake)

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

JP: August 20, 2004
NA: October 17, 2006

Summon Night Ex-These: Yoake no Tsubasa

JP: August 4, 2005

Hajimari no ishi.jpg
Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi

JP: December 8, 2005

Summon night 4 cover.jpg
Summon Night 4

JP: November 30, 2006 (PS2)
JP: November 15, 2012 (PSP Remake)

Summon Night: Twin Age

JP: August 30, 2007
NA: June 3, 2008

Summon Night X: Tears Crown

JP: November 5, 2009

Summon Night Granthese PS2 Cover.jpg
Summon Night Granthese: Horobi no Tsurugi to Yakusoku no Kishi

JP: March 11, 2010

Summon Night Collection.png
Summon Night Collection

JP: September 19, 2012

Summon Night 5

JP: May 16, 2013
NA: December 15, 2015

Summon Night Memories.jpg
Summon Night Memories

JP: January 19, 2015

SN6 PS4 Japanese Cover.jpg
Summon Night 6: Lost Borders

JP: March 10, 2016
NA: October 31, 2017
EU: November 15, 2017

List of Artists

Artists Games etc Links

Iizuka Takeshi (Kuroboshi Kouhaku)
飯塚武史 (黒星紅白)

Ootsuka Shinichirou

Character designer of the following games:

Irumo Haruaki (Oomori Aoi)
いるも晴章 (大森葵)

Character designer of:

Enami Katsumi

Character designer of:

Sunaho Tobe

Character designer of:

Watanuki Nao

Event Illustrations for PSP remake:

Novel Illustrations for:


Event Illustrations for PSP remake:

Novel Illustrations for:

Morioka Masato

Character Illustrations for:




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