Summoned Beasts


Other worlds
Notable Members
First game Heroes, Beast partners

One of the essential pieces in the game’s scenario. Those creatures are always involved in the plot and are great partners, as well as formidable opponents.


Those that are called from other world upon the chanting of it’s true name in a ritual are all called “Summoned Beasts”, even if they are no different than humans or lifeless objects. Those beasts are generally very powerful, and they abilities are use for the convenience of their summoners. They can be called from Sapureth, Maetropa, Loreilal, Silturn or the Nameless world. By the bind of the Engage contract, they can only be sent back by the one who made the summoning. If there is a problem with the contract, the beast can’t go back to it’s world and become a Outcast beast. An Outcast can make a other contract with a new summoner, but, there are limitations to it. Some creatures with high intelligence usually are chosen to become a Beast partner, and are always kept close to it’s master.

Characteristics, Traits and Abilities

Summoned Beasts2

There are many types of Summoned Beasts, each have unique powers and specialties. They sometimes have control over the elements, super strength, great speed, impressive intelligence or even the ability to curse someone. Like many others supernatural beings, their longevity is also higher than humans. There are some possibilities to summon a human being from other worlds, but they are anything but normal, since those humans could be Ninjas or Samurais with mystical powers. It is said that a human from Earth have a greater talent in Summon technique than most people. Earthlings have, for example, affinity with all types of summoning, something extremely rare. Some Beasts also have the ability to change their forms. Some can do a transform when reached adulthood, like a butterfly; Other can change their form at will, like a vampire.