mostly humans
Place of Origin
Notable Members
Gibson, Mimoza, Mahn Family

Summoners are the main focus in the Summon Night series. They are very powerful people and are always involved in the main events.


Old Era

Those who use Summoning techniques, especially those who study in an academy to become a Summoner. Those generally study and work for a specific faction. There are 3 factions. The Blue, Yellow and Colorless. Each with it’s own philosophies and laws. Any other Summoner who don’t belong in none of those factions are called Wanderer Summoners. In the Saint Kingdom, there are the Blue and Yellow factions, while in the Empire, Summoner doesn’t have factions, they all work for the royal army. In the Saint Kingdom, when someone become a full fledged summoner. nobility status is given to him. A summoner education and research are almost always handed down in the family. There are many cases where the family name is passed from master to disciple, even if the disciple is a adopted son. There is also those who get noble names with “alternative methods”. They usually are very influential people who have done many favors for a faction. Many of those become faction executives and are despised by other nobles.

Astreiz Era

Those that are registered by the Eucross Bureau and are able to use Resonance Techniques are called Summoners. Those that are accepted by the association receive a shave to engrave special runes on a tool called Cluster Stone. By doing this, not only can they use summoning abilities but also can receive many kinds of support from the headquarters.

During this new era, they normal work in equal terms with those summoned, having a mutual respect for each others. They cannot use someone else summon(Cross) freely like before, and have to be registered and approved by the association first.

Since all the worlds are moving toward coexistence, Summoners have an important role as a mediator during disputes. They often work as mere helper for the Silvalier and the Association of Pacts. But in cases where there are abuse of summon techniques or some problem related to another world in those two organizations, they have the authority to investigate and judge both organizations. There are cases where they are called in as advisers.