Summonite Sword


Created by
Wizell Caliburn
Used by
First game main character
Give +5 bonus for all attributes

The Summonite Sword is, as one would guess, a sword with it's blade made of Summonite Stones, It's a secreat item in the first game and is the strongest sword in the whole game.


During chapter 4, the player can find a secret event in the South Slum where the hero gets to know a old man named Wizell. If the protagonist gets to earn Wizell's trust, he will receive the Summonite Sword.


This sword is a very powerful magical artifact created by a famous blacksmith for a very strong knight. The result was so absurd that the blacksmith run with the sword, with no intentions to give the blade to anyone. Until the day he finds a very interesting young man...


  • There are some fan’s speculation about this sword being the same Magical Sword seeing in Summon Night 3, but it’s still uncertain. During the time Wizell fixed the original Magical Sword, he could have made a detailed analyses of it. For This reason, there is a high probability that the Summonite Sword is a replica of the Magical Sword created by Wizell.