Summonite Stone

Summonite Stone1

Used by
Every Summoner
used to perform contracts in Summoning

Summonite stones are natural magical tools used by Summoner in rituals. With a contract made, a creature’s true name is carved in one of those stones and used every time there is a need to call forth the owner of this name.


Summonite Stone2
There are 5 color types of Summonite Stones, each one is used to summon from a specific world: Black links with Loreilal; Red with Silturn; Purple with Sapureth; Green with Maetropa and finally, colorless links with “the nameless world” (used for summoning a lifeless object from a random world).


Summonite Stones are naturally born from the underground area of the planet, where magma filled with Mana flows non-stop. The crystallized form that this magma takes after a long period of time is called “Summonite Stone”. Because of this origin, those stones are filled with pure Mana, becoming the ideal tool for Summoners.

Artificially Produced

Knowing where it came from, it became possible to use a special technique to extract Mana from the magma and make a crystallization, making a artificial Summonite Stone. However, the quality of those are not even close to the originals, making impossible to use in summon rituals


  • Those stones are always present in the main series since the first installment, but not always in the spin-offs.
  • They are the series symbol and the title is a word-play with it’s name.