Physical and mental art
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Sutra is a very special technique since it's one of the few abilities not related to Summoning. It’s a skill used for healing and it's considered one of the best among it's type. Characters that can use this power usually are excellent attackers, turning them into an all around type of units that can work as both supporters and vanguards.


Already present since the first game, this technique has many similarities with the Chinese art of Qigong (Kikou). It consists of a combination of breath and concentration that stimulates the body, making it heal faster than normal.

Practical Use

Practitioners usually use this to cure their own injuries, however they can actually use it cure others too. For this reason, Sutra users can earn money easily working in battlefields.


It’s never said when or who created this technique, there are some hints, but it only make things even more confusing. Sutra users learn the technique as part of a martial art very similar to Karate, something very “Silturn-like”, however, every known Sutra user until now is always a normal human from Lyndbaum, this also means that there is no Silturn beasts among the users.