Machine Manipulation, Memory Inheritance, Extended Longevity
Notable Members
Nesty, Exia, Ardylia

Veigers are a race of humanoid beings from the machine world Loreilal, they are extremaly rare and as a result, there are few games to feature them.


They are a form of humans that live in Loreilal and are the ones responsible for the environmental destruction of the planet. Because of many wars, their bodies could not stand the harsh conditions of their homeland and had to fuse their flesh with nano-machines. However, because of the planet’s current circumstances, they were unable to live in the surface and were forced to stay in shelters. It seems that, in order to survive, they have to be repeatedly placed into cold sleep, but details regarding this are scarce. There is a theory that, during the Summoning War, one of those clans ran away from Loreilal and now live exiled in Lyndbaum.

Characteristics, Traits and Abilities

They have the ability to easily operate any kind of machinery using the nano-machines on their bodies to communicate with computer systems or sending their nano-machines directly inside another machine to seize control, but the latter is very dangerous since it consumes a lot of vital energy. While living in Loreilal, Veigers don’t have to worry too much about the harsh environment when looking for food, because they are also able to feed from electrical energy and mineral fuels. Since they are a complete combination between machine and flesh, their DNA carries their digitalized data, and thanks to that; their descendents inherits the memories from the older generation. They have a low immunity to the bacterias and viruses found in the Lyndbaum atmosphere, for this reason, they need to take a drug made of a special mineral.