In the Swordcraft Story series, Weapon Forging Techniques are just what their name implies. After learning a Technique (or 'Tech') you get the ability to forge that weapon whenever you are inside a workshop, as long as you have the right materials for it. Available techniques are shown under "List" in the main menu for the first game or under "Techniques" in the main menu for the second and third games. However, the forging process in each game is slightly diferent.


There are several ways of learning a new Technique, either by breaking a human enemy's weapon, by completing quests, or experimenting with new materials.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

  • Automatically learned from Brom each day.
  • After talking to Brom during the day and after forging his weapons.
  • By breaking human enemies' weapons. (Achieved when the enemy weapon's durability is reduced to 0)
  • After completing certain people's requests.
  • Rarely found as monster drops in the Labyrinth's lowest floors.

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

  • Found inside crates and barrels.
  • Obtained as monster drops.
  • Obtained from the fishing minigame in Cliff Village.
  • Bought from the traveling salesman in Cliff Village.
  • By breaking human enemies' weapons.
  • After completing certain people's requests.

Summon Night: Craftsword Monogatari ~Hajimari no Ishi~

  • By breaking cates, barrels and opening some chests.
  • Items dropped by monsters.
  • Using points to buy materials from the Fishing Minigame.
  • Breaking a human enemy's weapon (not a Stray Summon).
  • Using materials to make rare/exclusive materials.
  • Buying materials from a shop or a salesman.
  • And after completing some quests or sidequests.